Indigenious cows such as Gujarat Gheer cows, Gheer Bull ,Kasaragodan Cows, Vechoor Cows etc are protected here for organic cultivation  and make Bio insecticides preparation useful for vegetable  cultivation. We are known for organic products and we are proud enough to say that we are chemical free and pollution free because of our very productive products from our Gheer cows. Various Birds, Turkey, Swan, Love birds, Doves, duck are also exhibited to see and sale by orders for our visitors.

Gir Cow

One of the main attraction to our visitors is our Gir Cow and Bull. The most unusual feature of Girs is their convex forehead, which acts as a cooling radiator to the brain and pituitary gland . The animals have a big head with prominent bulging shield like forehead and a long face.

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Vechur Cow

Have you ever seen a cow with a height of just 90 cm and a length of 124 cm? If the answer is no, then come to syam farms. Vechur cow, an indigenous cattle variety of Kerala The medicinal property of Vechur cow's milk has been accepted by Ayurveda too.

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One of the bio-insecticide we are using and providing to farmers are ''Gir urine mixture''. It is very useful for organic cultivation such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is believed that consumption of Panchagavya results in removal of physical as well as mental disorders.

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Another main attraction of Syam Farms is our white beauty. Swans are grumpy, especially when they're protecting their eggs or babies. They attack other birds that enter their territory. They've even attacked dogs or kids that came too close.

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Ducks exploit a variety of food sources such as grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, and worms .Movements of ducks through our pond is an awesome view for our visitors. Ducks have many economic uses, being farmed for their meat, eggs, and feathers.

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Turkey and other love birds

The turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris. Turkey farming is similar to other poultry birds farming like chickens, ducks, quails etc. Turkeys are also very social with humans and raising turkeys is really very fun and enjoyable.

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