More than 400 varieties of Medicinal Plants are kept in our farm as mother plants. For studies and research about medicinal plants ,Students from various colleges and farmers from various states are the main visitors to our herbal garden. We are providing all facilities for study and research through our ''LEARNING CIRCLES .Also we are giving the awareness about Vriksha Ayurveda and demonstrate them in our farm.


AYUR Nursery is a government approved organization in Syam farms.

Here Exists various valuable medicinal plants which are about to vanish. Daspushpangal, Dasapushpam denotes Ten Sacred Flowers of Kerala (from Sanskrit Dasa = Ten and Pushpam = Flower) These ten herbs are traditionally significant to Keralites. Dasamoolies (The name Dasamoola or Dasamula is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Dasa’ – Ten and ‘Moola’ – Root. It is a miraculous combination of ten medicinal plants roots of Ayurvedic medicinal formulations . Nalpamarangal - combination of four type of ficus family ,

27 birth star plants which are co-located in “Nakshatra Vana”of Syam Farms. [ 'NAKSHATRA' - Stars (27), 'VANA' - Garden] the presence of the complete set of 27 star trees in our farm directly creates a healthy environment and sound physical, mental, psychological and spiritual beings. Which is the ultimate and absolute bliss to oneself and to the earth too,

Navagraha plants [ 'NAVA' - Nine, 'GRAHA' - Planets, 'VANA' - Garden] These nine plants are a mixture of trees, bushes and grass varieties. These nine represent the Navagrahas that each temple has, which inturn represent the nine celestial bodies which influence our earth.These are all once again very specialised doctors in curing varied varieties of diseases. By planting these in a particular place, gives protection from the negative forces that are mention in our horoscopes, caused due to various planetary positions. The effects are minimised drastically. They bring prosperity, good health and wealth, protection, showing right direction and attracts people with good intentions only.


Very rare trees like Rudraksha(Elaeocarpus Ganitrus), beloved tree of Lord Shiva, Badraksha, Agar trees like oodhu, Krishnaal, Baniyan trees, guggulu, Vallipala etc.. are also grown in our farm and we provide facilities for our visitors to view and learn about all the above mentioned plants also its seedlings and plant’s products are available from our farm.


Rudrakshas and rudraksha seedlings are available in Syam Farms.Many visitors are wondered by seeing the Rudraksha tree bearing it's fruit. We are also into the selling of both rudrakshas and Rudraksha seedlings.

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One of the rare medicinal plant collections of Syam farms,Many of our visitors who are from ayurvedic back ground got excited by seeing this, the reason behind the excitement is simple, they saw Guggul (Commiphora mukul) in books only. Guggul has very subtle and penetrating qualities and because of this is considered a yogavahi, meaning that it is often em

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Garuda Pacha(Resurrection plant)(Selaginella rupestris Spring) is one of the rarest ayurveda plant.whole plant body of garuda pacha can be used as medicine.Medicinal Properties of the Plant as per Ayurveda:Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, skin diseases, traumatic edema and general debility.

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Agarwood, also known as oud, oodh, agar, aloeswood or lign-aloes, is a dark resinous heartwood. Prior to infection, the heartwood is odourless, relatively light and pale coloured; however, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin in response to the attack, which results in a very dense, dark, resin embedded heartwood. The resin e

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All parts of the tree such as bark, leaves, flowers and seeds are used medicinally. as a universal plant. Ashoka posses the major place in Ayur nursery of syam farms. The Ashoka tree has many health benefits and has long been used in traditional Indian medicine as a key ingredient in various therapies and cures. The Ashoka tree's dried bark contains tannins

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