Pond area extent is 3 acre.There are ten ponds in farm altogether. Rohu(Labeo rohita), Cattla(Catla catla), Grass carp(Ctenopharyngodon idella) ,Cherumeen(Channa micropeltes) known as “snake head Varal”, nature gift Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) 21st centuries fish known as Aqua Chicken,Nutter(Red Belly Pacu) etc are cultivated in those ponds. Gift Tilapia is protein rich and less carbohydrate. Gift Tilapia is mostly exporting demanded fish due to its high taste and quality.

Resorts and five star hotels prefer this fish for attracting tourists and visitors. We provide Gift tilapia lively and fresh for people who want it by order. Visitors who wants to buy this fish is also allowed to Catching with hand from our 2 acres of gift pond by order. Ornamental fishes are also breeding in our farm. Among them giant gourami (Osphronemus goramy), Koi Karp(Cyprinus carpio), Japanese Koi, Guppies, Swordtail(Xiphophorus Helleri) etc..Aqua culture and ornamental fish breeding units are approved by both State government of kerala and Central government of India MPEDA.

Farm Visit

The main attraction for the visitors within the state, Outside the state and for foreigners are there are lot of things to learn and see from Syam Farms. It will take almost four hours to see and understand the entire wide spread farm. Visitors will definitely enjoy the walks through the Learning Circles, Journey in between the ponds by seeing our fishes, E

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Pond Constructions

We are giving instructions and supervisions in constructing ponds without any future damage to the sides of the ponds. We are into ponds digging and designing according to the geographical suits. We are introducing the new concept irrigation with fish farming. We are constructing ponds with our-own trained and skilled Hitachi operators. In connection with t

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Research facilities

According to the previous booking , We are providing the research facilities for students as well as researchers about all the sectors present in Syam Farms.

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Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove etc. are cultivated in our farm. Our visitors will be able to get almost all the spices seedlings as well as their fruits if required from our farm.

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Farm School

In 2013 our Aquaculture farm worked as farm school to the farmers from Aquaculture. Now also guidance are given according to the pre-bookings to those people who are interested in Aquaculture, Agriculture, Horticulture etc.

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We stands as consultant for aquaculture. Under this fish breeding, Protection methods for fish ponds from outside and inside attacking to the fish. In agriculture we are into Suggestion of plating location for divine trees, Setting up of herbal garden, Fruit plants cultivation, Marketing of medicinal plants products, Setting up of Mini-Botanical garden etc.

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We are extending all our hands to the fields such as project prepration in medicinal plants cultivation through State Horticulture Mission under clusters too.

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